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My Past Won't
Write My Future

The healing journey is a long road. It was particularly important that I took my time. I wished it were as simple as just getting over 21 years of abuse. Just like it took years to get in and out of it, I would need years to get over it.

When I escaped my former abusive life on June 28, 2013, I never imagined that I would share that traumatic storm with anyone outside of my village. As I was navigating through to my healing, a good friend going through something similar however told me that others needed help and motivation to get out of abusive or other toxic environments that are preventing them from being their true selves and need to read my story to know that they can change their lives as well.

I never thought I had an actual story to tell because I was not being physically abused so I wrote the book in a self-help format because the story is not the actual summation of what happened to me. The story is about how I got out of that abusive relationship. I give the reader a play-by-play of planning and facilitating my escape.

Over the past 10 years, I have learned that generational curses were the root causes of the dysfunctional relationship with my mother and the abusive relationship with my daughter’s father. Once I was able to acknowledge that and heal, I was able to change the course of my life.

In my seven books to date, I have turned my experiences into lessons that I share with the world. "While going through those things I thought that I was the only person experiencing them. By speaking up and telling my story I found out that those toxic and abusive relationships were far more common than I ever imagined.

To further my commitment to helping victims become survivors, I have become a Certified Domestic Violence Advocate and help I victims safely escape their abusive environments. And as a true believer in sound mental health, I have earned a Master of Science degree in Mental Health Counselor to my list of titles.

Remember, it is never too late to learn something new or to write a new chapter of your life.  

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