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Multidisciplinary Approach

The mental health counseling services provided fall within the scope of crisis stabilization. When victims leave his or her abuser, they may be safe physically, but emotionally and mentally the healing process is just beginning. The side effects can take months or even years to present, thus prolonging that individual’s healing. Victims do not just want and need to heal from being abused, but they also must forgive themselves for the self-blame or negative self-talk.

Domestic Violence (DV) Suite clients will receive services through a multidisciplinary approach that will help them rebuild his or her mental and emotional wellbeing, and assist in navigating feelings associated with starting over, regaining strength, forgiveness, and healing.

Some see a mental health crisis as a client being suicidal or homicidal, but with victims or survivors of abuse it often means he or she feels as if they cannot make good decisions. DV Suite clients often second-guess thoughts about safety, trust, power, esteem, and intimacy. For this population of client, a mental crisis often presents itself without warning as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) triggers or flashbacks and happen in public, in the home or at work.

Emotions are the vehicles the body relies on to find balance after emotional or physical trauma. Helping clients to recognize triggers and the coping mechanisms that work is the first step to crisis stabilization.

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