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Public relations is not free advertising

It is a time consuming and labor intensive effort. It'll mean realistically thinking and evaluating 'what is truly news worthy' concerning your business. If your business is able to do this, PR may help it look more influential, successful, and more important than it may otherwise be.

Public relations works through intermediaries

Since it’s often compared to advertising, PR might just be the least understood of all marketing tools. The basis of PR includes using intermediaries to communicate with and influence your audience. Those intermediaries may be industry spokespersons, investors, trend setters, customers, employees, and even the electronic and print media. Typically, your business has very little control over those influencers, or intermediaries, which can make understanding public relations so difficult.

Public relations is not one size fits all

You won't just get to create your organization's messages, match them with a supporting graphic, then place them where and how you want your audience to read them. In order to get individuals to hear you, you must persuade many important influencers that your business, its services or products are worth their time to consider. You must have your act together.

Public relations build credibility

Public relations can boost an organization's credibility because it operates through numerous trusted intermediaries. Also, those intermediaries communicate to a certain audience which looks to them to filter out all nonsense. If messages are chosen to be communicated, they'll gain credibility through that of the intermediaries.

Public relations must be precise

With advertising, it's possible to calculate the responses and audience impact which you have. It is similar to a controlled experiment which is being done repeatedly. Public relations however is   less predictable due to you having be sure the intermediary fully understands your messages and targeted objectives, and can clearly relay them in his or her messages. It means cautiously aligning them with an intermediary's messages. It'll mean knowing his needs and your audience's needs and where your business and its messages fit within that environment.

Public relations is based on relationships

Great public relations means setting up and maintaining relationships with many important influencers, their audiences, and being aware of how your business may become an excellent data source.

Public relations is opportunistic

Your public relations communications with influencers do not always need to be about your business. Offering accessibility to your consumers in order for the influencer to see how they're solving issues using your organization's services and products is a vital method of offering more information.



KRA Communications is a full service public relations firm that values the peace of mind of its clients and strives for perfection. Launched in August 2016, we at KRA Communications are dedicated to providing small businesses and non-profit organizations with a vast array of services ranging from website content creation and press release generation and distribution to social media campaign management.   

When it comes to its daily operations, we know that maintaining a good infrastructure is imperative. Keeping this in mind, we have forged strong partnerships with companies nationwide. Collaborating with other businesses has given us a great start as it makes its mark in the public relations industry.

In conjunction with impeccable skills and an innate passion for the business, our main mission is to bring awareness, create interest, stimulate demand, and reinforce the culture of the brands of our clients. Public Relations isn’t simply promoting a person or a service. It takes your business or brand and puts it in lights. This helps create an image of your company and the possibility of well-rounded and ongoing patronage.

As a communications expert, I established KRA Communications to fill the void in the communications and media relations industry with a premier, knowledgeable, and customer-orientated business that ensures the delivery of the specialized services each KRA Communications client has come to expect while earning a reputation for reliability and quality.

Lisa Renee Jenkins

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