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About Lisa Renee Jenkins

Mental Health Therapist * Certified Domestic Violence Advocate * Speaker * Self-Published Author * App Developer 

I launched KRA Communications (KRA) in 2019 to provide mental wellness and counseling services

to teens, adolescents, and young adults who are coping with traumatic experiences including abuse and grief. These individuals often have a low degree of mental health and wellness and little to no diagnosable mental illness.

In my experience, broken kids and teens turn into broken adults. Getting to them in their teen years, the trajectory of generational curses and dysfunctional parental relationships can be changed. Anyone who has or is currently living in dysfunctional environments often have low self-esteem, a poor image of themselves, lack motivation, and think they are undeserving of anything more than what they have always had. Disruptive or confusing behavior is a symptom of one’s environment.

The constant presence of a listening ear, a go-to for resources or mentorship can offset adverse childhood experiences. I want to create a social-emotional learning-based curriculum centered around girls improving their confidence. I will focus on habits, building healthy relationships, overcoming distractions, and getting rid of negative self-talk. My focus is to provide support to ensure a positive and beneficial experience.

KRA also advocates for Domestic Violence, ending toxic relationships through self-help books or workshops and is dedicated to helping victims escape through its global mobile app, The Slipout™, and The Slipout™ Domestic Violence Advocacy Deck.

I hold a Master of Science degree in Mental Health Counseling. I also hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from Chicago State University and a Professional Studies Certificate in Public Relations in the Digital World from Loyola University at Chicago. Over the years, I've obtained numerous continuing education certificates that support my current professional endeavors.   

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