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Mental Health Therapist * Public Relations Consultant * App Developer * Self-Published Author * Certified Domestic Violence Advocate * Speaker

Meet KRA Communications

KRA Communications is a full service public relations firm that values the peace of mind of its clients and strives for perfection. Launched in August 2016, we at KRA Communications are dedicated to providing businesses, organizations and personal brands with a vast array of services ranging from website/app content creation, press release generation and distribution to social media campaign management, media placement and much more.   

When it comes to its daily operations, we know that maintaining a good infrastructure is imperative. Keeping this in mind, we have forged strong partnerships with companies nationwide. Collaborating with other businesses has given us a great start as it makes its mark in the public relations industry.

In conjunction with impeccable skills and an innate passion for the business, our main mission is to bring awareness, create interest, stimulate demand, and reinforce the culture of the brands of our clients. Public Relations isn’t simply promoting a person or a service. It takes your business or brand and puts it in lights. This helps create an image of your company and the possibility of well-rounded and ongoing patronage.

KRA was established to fill the void in the communications and media relations industry with a premier, knowledgeable, and customer-orientated business that ensures the delivery of the specialized services each KRA Communications client has come to expect while earning a reputation for reliability and quality.

KRA also advocates for Domestic Violence, ending toxic relationships through self-help books or workshops and is dedicated to helping victims escape through its global mobile app The Slipout, and The Slipout Domestic Violence Advocacy Deck.

Lisa is currently pursuing a masters degree in Mental Health Counseling. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from Chicago State University and a Professional Studies Certificate in Public Relations in the Digital World from Loyola University at Chicago.   

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