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Conversations with a Narcissist

Conversations with a Narcissist


My experiences with a narcissist began when I was 13 years old and then took another turn seven years later. Before I ever knew there was a technical word for what they really were.

I am currently in the process of repairing 34 years of damage. I am 47 years old but have no memories of my mother until my father moved out when I was 13. That is when she started mentally and emotionally abusing me. Being a broken child created a broken adult and was the reason I found myself in an abusive relationship with my daughter’s father. You guessed it, another narcissist.

Growing up I felt worthless, misunderstood, and feared turning into a mother like the one I had. I had a mother in title only. Never a mom. There were no hugs, no mommy-daughter outings or any of that. She said she loved me, but I never knew what love really felt like until I started loving me! By sharing my experiences, I hope to show others they can also recovery successfully from narcissistic abuse.

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