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How to Get the F#@% Out by Skylar James

How to Get the F#@% Out by Skylar James


As a survivor of 21 years of domestic violence I have written “How to Get the F#@% Out, A Step-By-Step Guide to Leaving an Abusive Relationship.” Having survived extreme verbal, emotional, and physical abuse and the resulting PTSD, I hope to see the booklet in the hands of those who need it most.

When I left my toxic relationship, I never thought I would be sharing that experience with the world. But if my story helps just one woman who feels trapped to reclaim her life, I will have done what God wants me to do.

I was inspired to write this booklet by members of my support system. They knew that detailing exactly how I escaped with my life was desperately needed to fill the void within a unique group of individuals.

Women will find extremely personal and matter-of-fact information that shows that they are not alone. As a survivor, I find strength and healing in telling my story to others.

By reading this booklet, women will learn how one woman survived and be able to make adjustments to those tips to fit their individual situation. This must-read booklet is for any woman who may find herself in any kind of abusive relationship.

Abuse is not always black and blue. Just because there are no black eyes, broken bones, or bloody lips does not mean there is no abuse.